home remedies for hair growth

Reviving Healthy Hair Growth with Home Remedies

Lush locks have fallen out of favour recently, thanks to stressful lifestyles and ever-evolving dietary habits that don’t nourish our bodies as they should. Unlock the secrets to natural hair growth with our collection of the best home remedies available.

But fret not! In your kitchen, closet and nearest drugstore lies a secret stash of natural ingredients that can get to the root of your hair loss problems (quite literally), resulting in thicker, faster-growing strands.

From age-old techniques like scalp massages to newer DIY treatments like microneedling, read on to discover 12 science-backed home remedies for replenishing hair growth, improving thickness, and minimizing thinning or receding spots.

Don’t let genetics or hormones win the hair game – you can achieve longer, more vibrant, and voluminous with consistency and patience using these natural remedies.

Hair Growth with Home Remedies

Cleansing Away Scalp Buildup

You’d deep clean your face routinely, so why neglect that itchy, flaky scalp? Allowing product residue, dead skin cells, excess sebum, and even pollutants to accumulate can clog follicles and restrict growth. Clarify and reset the foundation that your luscious locks sprout from. Use these easy home remedies to prevent hair loss and also increase growth.

Tea Tree Oil

This natural anti-fungal and anti-bacterial essence reduces problematic yeast and bacteria overgrowth. Gently massage 5 drops diluted in a carrier oil like coconut or jojoba onto your scalp, leave for 30 minutes then shampoo. Repeat 2-3 times weekly to banish crusty buildup without stripping natural oils.

Apple Cider Vinegar

After shampooing, rinse hair with a 50:50 mix of cool filtered water and raw, organic ACV. This scalp rinse is clarified by removing lingering residue and balancing pH, allowing the ideal environment for hair regeneration. Acetic acid also helps stimulate the scalp and may help with irritation and dandruff.

Rice Water Rinse

An ancient Asian beauty secret, rice water contains amino acids, minerals, and antioxidants that strengthen strands and improve manageability. Boil one cup of rice in four cups of water until opaque, strain out rice grains then use liquid to pour over hair post-shampoo. Rinse after 5 minutes.

Stimulating Blood Flow to Follicles

Just like every other organ, healthy hair depends on robust circulation delivering vital oxygen and nutrients. Boost lacklustre blood flow with targeted scalp treatments to encourage growth.

Scalp Massages

Use your fingertips to vigorously massage nutrient-rich oils like castor, rosemary, or cedarwood onto your scalp for 5-10 minutes daily. This not only feels divine but improves microcirculation critical for thick, fast growth while relaxing muscles prone to tension hair loss.

Onion Juice

Might stink going on, but this kitchen staple contains over 600 sulfur-rich compounds that accelerate cellular turnover when massaged into the scalp. Allow the juice from one onion to penetrate for 15-20 minutes before washing out. Repeat every 2 weeks.

Ginger Root

Ginger’s fiery compounds like gingerol and shogaol improve circulation by dilating blood vessels when applied topically as an oil or paste. Its anti-inflammatory properties also soothe irritation and dandruff caused by fungal overgrowth or seborrheic dermatitis.

Pumping Up Follicles with Key Nutrients

You nourish hair just like every other tissue in the body – through targeted nutrition intake that gets to work at the cellular level, energizing every phase of the growth cycle.


As an essential B-complex vitamin, biotin produces keratin while improving follicle elasticity to prevent breakage-related thinning. While normal levels already exist in a balanced diet, upping intake with 2.5 mg supplements helps accelerate growth.

Pumpkin Seed Oil

With a nutritional profile rich in zinc, omega fatty acids, vitamin E and iron, pumpkin seed oil is taken daily to strengthen hair at its root. Compounds called cucurbitacins also show promise blocking DHT hormone causing follicular miniaturization responsible for male and female pattern baldness.


These marine protein oral supplements gained fame after extensive clinical trials revealed remarkable improvements in count, thickness, growth rate and texture when taken twice daily. Backed by decades of research and glowingly reviewed by users for breathing new life into limp locks.

Biotin Serum

For targeted action directly on follicles, apply a leave-in serum like Waterman Biotin Hair Serum before bed containing 5000mcg per dose – the optimum strength found to increase growth rate. Botanicals reduce inflammation while peptides stimulate regrowth over time.

Boosting Absorption into Hair Follicles

You’ve clarified and stimulated the scalp – now it’s time to maximize absorption of those nourishing treatments straight into struggling follicles.


Also called derma-rolling, this technique uses super fine needles in a handheld roller to gently puncture the scalp, causing microscopic wounds that drive hair-boosting serums deeper through activated regeneration. Consistent needling prompts dormant follicles into action.

Heat Therapy

Just as heat opens cuticles in conditioning hair, it expands follicles and pores to boost permeation. Wrap hair in a warm towel for 5 minutes after applying “rice water for growth” or masks to allow deeper penetration into the dermis where growth originates.

Boosting Absorption into Hair Follicles

DIY Hair Masks for Added Nourishment

For an extra dose of strands-strengthening TLC, whip up these rejuvenating hair masks using simple kitchen staples. The vitamins, minerals and proteins get to work rebuilding damaged areas and improving elasticity.

Avocado Mask

Mash up an avocado with 1 egg yolk and 1 tbsp olive oil to intensely condition weakened strands. The healthy fats also coat to seal in moisture and prevent pollutant damage. Rinse after 20 minutes before styling.

Onion and Garlic Mask

Both allium family bulbs contain sulfur and quercetin to accelerate cell turnover for new growth. Blend 3 onions, and 5 garlic cloves with 1 cup yogurt and apply evenly onto the scalp. Wash out after 30 minutes.

Banana and Honey Mask

Ultimate combo to strengthen hair and add shine. Mash 1 ripe banana with 1 tbsp raw honey then smooth through strands. Let penetrate for 15 minutes before rinsing clean. The potassium renews elasticity as sugars exfoliate residue.

Aloe Vera and Coconut Milk Mask

Blend fresh aloe gel from leaves with one can of coconut milk for a cooling, calming mask. Soaks into hair shafts to reinforce and prevent split ends due to the emollient fats. Also gently clarifies the scalp to clear follicles.

DIY Hair Masks for hair growth

Consistency + Patience = Hair Victory

While buzzy new supplements and gadgets hold appeal, adopting slow yet steady hair care habits yields the most impressive mane transformations. Commit to clarifying and massaging your scalp weekly while regularly dousing hair in masks full of proteins or vitamins. Make oral collagen supplements and microneedling monthly rituals.

Within 3 months, stubbly patches start filling in with baby fine regrowth. Push past the awkward phase until renewed coverage appears thicker and shinier around month 5. By a year, dry, thinning hair has completed a vigorous turnaround – emerging stronger, faster-growing, and more lush.

So take heart that natural solutions can undo and prevent hair loss without relying solely on pharmaceutical fixes like minoxidil or finasteride.

Instead, reach for home remedies for hair growth like avocados and derma rollers, and boldly grow that hair out worry-free! Your most envious, vibrant mane awaits with consistency.