how to make strawberry lip scrub

How to Make a Strawberry Lip Scrub: A Guide to a Perfect Pout

Who doesn’t like smooth, soft, and perfectly pink lips? For thousands of years, as long as mankind has existed, people have tried various ways to achieve those pink, kissable lips. Strawberries are the most scrumptious and refreshing fruit available in the summer.

It can also be a great ally in achieving those dreamy pink lips. Not only are DIY strawberry scrubs easy to make, but they also have an alluring smell that makes them a fun activity. The ingredients needed are easy to find, as most of the homes already have them in their kitchens. 

In this guide, we’ll discuss how to make a strawberry lip scrub at home and some recipes. We’ll also explore the benefits of using a scrub. What makes strawberries a perfect choice for achieving that rosy pink tint? We will also provide helpful tips on customizing your scrub and storing it to get the best results.

Let’s get started!

How to Make a Strawberry Lip Scrub?

DIY Strawberry Lip Scrub Recipes: Choose the Perfect Combination

DIY lip scrubs are famous around the globe because of their versatility. They are easy to make, but you can adjust the ingredients according to their availability and what suits you.

Most of the DIY ingredients are almost always available in every kitchen, and that’s the beauty of these easy-to-make scrubs. The natural exfoliants and moisturizers on the kitchen shelf, along with strawberries, can do the real magic.

Here are three of the most effective and easy DIY strawberry scrub recipes that are fun to make while generating perfect pink results.

Recipe 1: Simple Strawberry Sugar Scrub (Vegan)

How to Make a Strawberry Lip Scrub

This easy-to-make recipe is perfect for beginners and for those who have considerably sensitive skin.

Ingredients Needed

  • 1 ripe strawberry
  • 1 tablespoon granulated sugar (or brown sugar for added moisture)
  • 1 tablespoon olive oil (or coconut oil for a more solid scrub)


  • First, you need to mash the strawberries with the help of a fork in a small bowl. Mash it till it comes in a puree form. 
  • Then you need to add sugar and oil to the puree you made. Mix it well to create a thick paste. 
  • Store the mixture in an airtight container and put it in the refrigerator. You can store this for up to a week. 

Recipe 2: Honey-Infused Strawberry Scrub

How to Make a Strawberry Lip Scrub?

Honey has lots of benefits and is loaded with antioxidants, vitamins, etc. Adding it to the DIY strawberry scrub can yield fruitful results. This way, you can combine the sweetness and extra-nourishing power of honey with the amazing benefits of strawberries.

 Ingredients Needed

  • 1 ripe strawberry
  • 1 tablespoon of granulated sugar
  • 1 teaspoon of raw honey
  • 1/2 teaspoon coconut oil


  • First, mash the strawberry in a bowl with the help of a fork. Mash it till it becomes a puree. 
  • Add granulated sugar, honey, and coconut oil to the puree. Mix it until it is well combined. 
  • Store it in a small, airtight container and put it in the refrigerator. You can store it for up to a week. 

Recipe 3: Luxurious Strawberry and Jojoba Oil Scrub

How to Make a Strawberry Lip Scrub?

Strawberries, as discussed earlier, do have a lot of benefits. By adding jojoba oil to it, we can make a unique kind of scrub that is richer and has lots of added benefits. 

Ingredients Needed

  • 1 ripe strawberry
  • 1 tablespoon finely ground almonds (or oatmeal for a milder scrub)
  • 1 teaspoon jojoba oil
  • 1 drop of vitamin E oil (optional, for added moisture)


  • Take a bowl and, with the help of a fork, mash a strawberry in it. 
  • Then add ground almonds, jojoba oil, and a drop of vitamin E oil to the strawberry puree. Mix it until it is well combined. 
  • Add the mixture to a small, airtight container and put it in the refrigerator. This can be stored for up to a week. 

Why use a lip scrub?

Our lips, being the center of attention, are exposed to many different factors that make them dry, chipped, and flaky. They are continuously exposed to harsh sunlight, dry, polluted winds, and a lot of different foods that entirely change their texture. These continuous changes lead to the buildup of dead skin cells on the lips. One needs to regularly scrub the lips to achieve the desired rosy-pink texture. This gently buffs away the dead cells while revealing the smoother and silkier texture underneath.

Here are some of the different benefits of using a lip scrub:

Exfoliation: Consistency in scrubbing can help to remove dead, unwanted skin cells from the upper layer of the lips.  This regular exfoliation helps reveal the fresh and smooth skin underneath while leaving a pink-rosy hint. 

Improves Blood Circulation: Scrubbing means some massage, and this increases the blood flow to the lips. The gentle massage done during scrubbing makes the lips plumper and more vibrant while leaving a natural rosy tint. 

Improves Absorption of Lip Products: Regular scrubbing helps remove the buildup of dead, unwanted cells on the lips. This gives lips a smooth texture, which further helps lip balms and treatments penetrate deeper. This yields perfect results with those amazing plumper pink lips. 

Smooth Lipstick Application: Scrubbing helps in achieving a smoother texture, and this overall helps the lipstick glide effortlessly and flawlessly. This way, lipsticks don’t appear to be flaky and last longer than usual. 

The Magic of Strawberries in Lip Scrubs

Achieving the desired pink and smooth lip texture is not at all difficult or expensive. It is something within everyone’s arm’s reach. You just need to gear up and use the simple ingredients present in almost every kitchen to achieve that magical rosy pink color of lips.

To fulfill the pink lip dream, strawberries have proved to be an excellent choice for centuries. Make the perfect DIY scrubs with this vibrant fruit and have fun.

Here are some of the reasons why strawberries are the perfect choice for DIY scrubs.

Natural Exfoliant:

Strawberries work as a natural exfoliant as the tiny seeds help remove dead skin cells. The DIY strawberry scrubs help achieve the desired results without any irritation.

Moisturizing Properties:

Strawberries are best when it comes to hydrating and nourishing the lips. They have an abundance of vitamins and antioxidants, which are very beneficial.

Natural Lightener:

Strawberries also prove to be beneficial in reducing hyperpigmentation. Studies have proven they have a mild lightening effect and help even out the lip tone.

Delicious Flavor:

Strawberries are not only delicious but also have an irresistible aroma. The smell of the DIY scrubs, along with their fruity flavor, makes them a delight. 

benefits of home made strawberry lip scrub

Enjoy your DIY lip treatment. 

Whenever you feel the need to use the above-mentioned strawberry DIY scrubs, just go with it.

  • Take a small amount out of the airtight container as per your needs with the help of your fingertip. Massage the DIY scrub with the help of your fingertips in a circular motion.
  • Continue massaging for around 1–2 minutes. This helps the tiny strawberry seeds, sugar, and oils penetrate deeper into the skin.
  • Rinse off the scrub with lukewarm water, and pat dry your lips with a soft towel.

Later, when the lips are dried, glide your favorite lip balm or moisturizer over your lips for perfect results.

This way, not only the dead skin cells are removed from the lips, but also the blood flow is increased. This helps the lips look smooth and fresh with a rosy pink tint. 

Some customization tips 

You can always customize your DIY lip scrubs according to your needs and preferences. Here are some of the tips:

Adding Essential Oils: For an added twist and benefit, you can always add a few drops of your favorite essential oil. Some of the recommended essential oils that can be added to a DIY strawberry scrub are vanilla, lavender, or peppermint oil. This will not only add a delightful smell but will also add to the benefits. 

Adding Natural Extracts: Adding some of the easily available natural extracts can also add to the benefits of the DIY scrub. You can add vanilla extract, almond extract, or rosewater extract for an alluring aroma along with added benefits.

Adding Ingredients to Boost the Color: If you need an instant rosy pink tint, you can always add grinded dried raspberries or blueberries to your scrub. You can also add beetroot powder to achieve those desirable pink lips.

Adding Extra Hydration with Aloe Vera Gel: Aloe vera gel provides extra hydration and is famous for soothing irritation. Adding this gel to your scrub can be very beneficial.

 Point to Remember: Don’t forget to do a patch test before using the scrub on your entire lips. Apply the scrub to your inner arm and wait for a few hours. If there is no sign of irritation, then go for it. 

A sweet conclusion: How to Make a Strawberry Lip Scrub

Strawberries are the most vibrant and scrumptious fruit available during the summer. Not only does its taste make it distinctive among other fruits, but also its aroma and benefits in the skincare world add to its value.

DIY lip scrubs have been famous for centuries as we humans desire those perfect rosy pink lips.

And strawberries are the perfect choice for making DIY lip scrubs. They help you achieve those rose-tinted lips that are almost kissable, turn heads, and leave the imprints of their charm everywhere.

This summer, have fun with strawberries and add them to your DIY lip scrub routine.