Can I Use Blonde Box Dye On Bleached Hair? Here’s the Answer!

Bleaching your hair can give you lighter, lovely shades, but it can also leave your strands in need of some TLC (Tender Loving Care). If you’re thinking about trying a new color, you might wonder if using box dye on bleached hair is a good idea. Or, if it’s risky.

Blonde box dye works when used correctly on bleached hair. This guide will give you what you need to know. You will learn about safely applying box dye to bleached hair and achieving the best results.

What is Bleaching?

Bleaching is a chemical process that lightens your hair by removing its natural color. It’s often used to achieve a lighter, more vibrant look. This process alters your hair’s structure, which can make it more porous, dry, and prone to breaking.

Common Issues with Bleached Hair

Bleached hair can get dry and break easily. It may also feel different and be harder to style. Knowing this can help you decide how to take care of your hair and it can also help you know if it’s ready for another treatment, like using blonde box dye.

How to Check If Your Hair Is Ready for More Dye After Bleaching?

A woman with bleached hair examining her hair in the mirror to assess if it’s ready for more dye

Before you think about dyeing bleach-damaged hair, check its condition. Ask yourself!

  • How recently was it bleached? Hair needs at least 48 hours to recover before any further chemical treatments. Ideally, it’s best to wait one to two weeks.
  • What level of damage is present? If your hair is very dry or breaking, it lacks cuticle layers. You need a protein filler before dyeing.
  • How porous does my hair feel? If your hair is very porous, it may not absorb dye well and might need a protein filler before dyeing.

Be honest about your hair’s condition. Damaged hair might not handle permanent dye well, but you could still get your desired color with gentler semi-permanent dyes.

What is Blonde Box Hair Dye?

Blonde box dye is a pre-packaged hair dye that you can use at home. These dyes come in various shades and these products lighten or change your hair color. They contain a mix of chemicals that work together to deposit new color onto your hair.

How Does Blond Box Dye Work?

When you apply blonde box dye, the dye molecules penetrate the hair shaft and alter the existing color. This process can vary depending on the specific formulation and your hair’s condition.

Can I Use Blonde Box Dye on Bleached Hair?

It is possible to use blonde box dye over bleached hair, but there are some risks. The bleach and the dye can react with each other and this can lead to unpredictable results. For example, your hair might not absorb the dye evenly, leading to patchy color.

Factors to Consider

Before you apply blonde box dye to your bleached hair, asses the current condition of your hair. Is it healthy enough to withstand another chemical process? Also, think about the shade you want to achieve. The existing color and condition of your hair will influence the final result.

Preparing Bleached Hair Before Dyeing

You’ve checked the damage, chosen a shade, and bought the dye. Ready to color your hair? Not so fast! Prime your hair to maximize dye absorption and extend its color’s life.

Wait 48 Hours After Bleaching

Hair devoid of natural pigment shatters. Dyeing immediately after bleaching can cause more damage and uneven color. Wait at least forty-eight hours before dyeing.

What should you do during this waiting time? Deep conditioning treatments, of course! This leads us to the next step…

Deep Conditioning for Bleached Hair

The week before dyeing, focus on deep conditioning treatments to nourish your hair. These masks will help repair and hydrate your bleached hair.

DIY Options:

  • Avocado and Honey Hair Mask
  • Coconut Milk and Shea Butter Treatment

Apply the mask, put on a shower cap, and let it soak for 30 to 60 minutes, one to two times a week. This added moisture protects your hair from drying chemicals in the dye.

Apply Restorative Oils for Bleached Hair

Apply natural oils to your hair the night before dyeing to maximize hydration. Let the oils soak in overnight, then dye your hair in the morning.

Suggested Oils:

  • Coconut
  • Argan
  • Marula

Avoid mineral oil; it doesn’t penetrate the hair very well. Light oils, such as argan, are better for hydration.

Use a Protein Filler

Hair stripped of color takes in dye at varying rates. Hair merges with dye through the protein filler’s strong binding forces.

Look for fillers labelled for use before coloring, such as:

  • Redken pH-Bonder
  • CHI Ionic Color Illuminate
  • Colour Prep Formula

Shake the filler well, then massage it into your pre-shampooed, towel-dried hair. Focus on the ends. Rinse after 5 minutes, then towel-dry again before applying dye.

Follow these steps. They will nourish and stabilize your bleached hair for new color application.

Step-by-Step Guide to Applying Blonde Box Dye on Bleached Hair

A person applying blonde box dye to bleached hair

You’ve prepared your hair, and now it’s time to add some color! Follow these easy steps to apply blonde box dye to your bleached hair for a beautiful, even result.

Gathering Necessary Tools and Products

Make sure you have everything you need before you begin: This includes the box dye, gloves, a bowl for mixing, a brush for application, and a timer.

How to Apply the Dye

  1. Mix the Dye: Start by following the instructions on the box to mix the dye and developer.
  2. Apply the Dye: Divide your hair into sections to ensure even coverage. Start at the roots and work your way down to the tips.
  3. Wait and Rinse: Allow the dye to process, then cleanse it completely. Apply the included conditioner or a deep conditioner to restore moisture.

Immediate Aftercare

Rinse your hair with cool water to help seal in the color. Then, apply a color-safe conditioner to keep your hair soft and shiny.

Long-Term Maintenance

To maintain your new blonde color, use products specifically designed for color-treated hair. Limit hair washing to preserve natural oils. Always use heat protection when styling with hot tools.

Avoid Common Mistakes

Even experienced colorists face challenges when dyeing their hair sometimes. Here’s how to troubleshoot common box dye issues over bleached hair.

Overlapping Bleach and Dye Application

Bleach and dye applications that are improperly timed can cause significant harm. Give your hair time to recover between treatments.

Ignoring Strand Tests

A strand test helps you see how your hair will react to the dye. Skipping this step can result in unexpected and unwanted results.

Skipping Aftercare Routines

Proper aftercare is essential to keep your hair healthy and maintain your color. Neglecting this can lead to dry, damaged hair.

Consulting a Color Correction Expert

Visiting a salon for a professional dye job can yield better results. Professionals can assess your hair’s condition and recommend the best approach.


So, can I use blonde box dye on bleached hair? The answer is yes but with some important considerations. Make sure your hair is well-prepared and healthy before you dye it. With a little care and the right technique, you can achieve a gorgeous new blonde look.

Keep your hair healthy and shiny by following these tips, and you’ll be all set to enjoy your refreshed color.


Q.1. How long after bleaching my hair can I dye it blonde?

Wait at least 48 hours after bleaching your hair before you dye it blonde. This allows your hair to recover and helps the dye absorb better.

Q.2. Why won’t my bleached hair take color?

If your bleached hair isn’t holding color, it might be too damaged or too porous. Try giving your hair some extra care with deep conditioning and a protein filler to help it accept the dye better.

Q.3. Can I put honey blonde over bleached hair?

Yes, you can put honey-blonde dye over bleached hair. Make sure your hair is in good condition and follow the dyeing instructions to achieve optimal results.

Q.4. Can I put darker blonde on bleached hair?

Yes, you can use a darker blonde dye on bleached hair. The new color will generally blend well, but make sure your hair is healthy to avoid uneven results.

Q.5. What happens if you put dark dye on bleached hair?

Using dark dye on bleached hair will give you a deeper shade. If your hair is very porous, the color may be uneven or darker than expected. Proper preparation is crucial.

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