Crush it, roast it, or cook it – depends on your eating mood. It is packed with Vitamin C, B1, B3 and B6 and so many minerals like magnesium, potassium and phosphorus. Guess it’s what?.

It’s none other than the coziness food item for most of us. I am talking about  “POTATO”. It’s no wonder about potatoes that they are super beneficial for our health. Infact, you will be surprised to know the potato nutrition facts and it’s health benefits.

But wait, do you know that it hides benefits related to your skin as well?  Potatoes are not only used for skin whitening and skin lightening but potatoes are also used for oily skin, treating acne and glowing skin. 

It maintains your skin health when applied typically… So, don’t miss the chance to grab such item immediately as it is available all year long and at low prices as well.

Before we move on to wonder more about Potatoes for skin care, let’s take a look below at the wow functions of potatoes for skin whitening because it works as one of the best skin whitening agent out there.

6 Uses of Potatoes for Skin Whitening

Benefit 1. Skin whitening:

Potatoes are used for skin whitening. For skin whitening, what you have to do is to extract the juice of 1 potato. Mix one tablespoon of honey in it and apply the solution on your face for 15 to 20 minutes. Rinse with cold water. Do this process daily for wow result, as honey is used to get soft, white and blemish free skin.

This pack helps in brightening and whitening. Try this at-least for 3 to 5 months as it is an organic or natural remedy and it may work beneath your skin and thus after few workings you’ll see the results on surface of the skin.

Don’t get hopeless you will feel the difference in weeks. These is nothing invented which works only in hours. However, those things which works in hours contains a lot of side effects that one talks about.

Benefit 2. Need Glow on your face?

For glow what you have to do is to get 2 teaspoon potato juice, 2 teaspoon lemons juice and ½ teaspoon honey. 

Mix them well and apply it on your whole face. Let it stay for 15 to 20 minutes and wash it off with water. Try this remedy every alternate day. Lemon and potato have astringent properties which remove oil, open up the clogged pores, and tone up the skin. Dilute lemon if you get irritation from it.

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Benefit 3. If you are experiencing acne:

If you’re thinking how to get rid of acne, potato is an option to treat acne fast. In push heat season, there are so many skin problems that occur. Acne is one of the gifts considered for the heating season. In this season, people get open pores, dull, uneven skin and acne because the skin could not get enough breathing due to humidity and hence your complexion also get down. But no worries, I have a solution for this issue too.

To get rid of acne, take 1 tablespoon of potato juice, 1 tablespoon of tomato pulp, and 1 tablespoon of honey. Mix them well and apply it on your face with the belief of having relief. Tomatoes and potatoes are a good source of antioxidants fights for free radicals and keep germs just away from skin.

Attention! Since tomatoes are highly acidic, they might dry out skin. So for this, add another tablespoon of honey to the solution.

Benefit 4. Peeps having Oily skin, get real benefit:

If you are having oily skin and want to whiten then what you have to do is to get 1 potato boil it and mash it. Add 2 tablespoons of milk, 1 tablespoon of oatmeal, and 1 teaspoon of lemon juice.

Mix them well and apply it on your face for 15 to 20 minutes. Then rinse it off. Do it twice a week for better results. Oatmeal and potatoes are nice in absorbing oil, and in removing grease and impurities from your skin.

Benefit 5. You can reduce your spots from your skin:

If you want to reduce spots from the skin and want to get better complexion which looks tan due to spots, then what you have to do is to grab 1 raw potato and 1 tablespoon fuller earth.

Extract the juice from potato and add fuller’s earth into it. Apply the mask on your face and let it remain for 15 minutes or when dry. Rinse it off with lukewarm water.

Both ingredients have skin lightening properties and gradually reduce spots and marks. But if you are a dry skin person, do not use this mask frequently as it is already used to dry out the skin.

Benefit 6. Brighten and lighten with the added ingredient “Turmeric:”

Do you know potato is also used for skin lightening. If you don’t want other ingredients or you are out of the upper mentioned ingredients than you can use turmeric instead. As we share kitchen shelve products which are very convenient to get. 

It has so many more characteristics and it is used to get rid of germs as it is antibacterial agent and also lightens the skin tone.

In order to use potato for skin lightening, mix 1 tablespoon potato juice along with 1 teaspoon of turmeric. Apply this mixture on your face just for 15 minutes and wash it off. Do this remedy daily or alternate days to get amazing brightening and lightening outcomes.

Lastly, there are also much more remedies to add with potatoes for brightening. But these are really simple and quick for all your skin types. Crack them out and don’t forget to let us know about your feedback, which is always appreciated.