“Marry, what happened to your eyes? It seems one is smaller and the other one is more extensive.Ahhh, nothing. I have applied Eyeliner.”


It was my story in every function before that when I don’t know how to apply Eyeliner,then I decided to learn how to use Eyeliner and everything about that.

Learning how to apply Eyeliner correctly can be incredibly difficult at first. The results will be outstanding once you get the hang of it.

The benefits of mastering the skillful art of eyeliner application include balancing the features of your face. Studies show that people with more balanced facial features are considered to be more beautiful.

 When you learn how to apply Eyeliner for the first time, it can be one of the most challenging tasks to master. But when applied correctly, the cumulative results can be merely incredible.

Skillful use of different eyeliners will help make your eyes look more evenly spaced, providing a better balance to your whole face. This is just one of the benefits. 

 The following tips will cover the Eyeliner’s aspects, including picking the best Eyeliner for your eyes and applying it correctly to your eyes.

Like other skincare items, selecting the right Eyeliner is easy if you already know the results you’re aiming to achieve by wearing it.


Besides helping to balance the face, Eyeliner is often intended to give the lashes more dimension and make them look thicker than they really are.


While there are two forms of eyeliner, liquid and pencil shapes, it is recommended that only pencil shapes be used on the lower lids of the eyes.


Liquid Eyeliner is most potent when used only on the upper lids of your eyes.


With brown eyes, darker eyeliner shades prove to work better. With blue eyes, lighter colours appear to be more attractive.

 types of eyeliner

As described earlier, Eyeliner comes in two types, pencil and liquid.

When you’re trying to choose which type of Eyeliner to use, keep in mind the overall look you’re trying to create.

Pencil eyeliner vs liquid Eyeliner

Pencil eyeliner provides a simple definition of the eye.

Pencil eyeliner is more common, partly because it’s easier to use.

Pencil eyeliner is better suited to relax the eyes.

Liquid Eyeliner appears to provide more detail and a more dramatic effect.

Liquid Eyeliner requires practice to be applied correctly.

Precise and vibrant strokes can be accomplished using a liquid eyeliner.

which eyeliner suits my eyes?

After you decide which type of Eyeliner you are applying, you need to choose a colour.

Often take the skin tone, eye colour, and eye shadow colour into account while doing so. Darker eyes are better portrayed by dark brown or black eyes.

Lighter eyes are better complemented by more delicate shades.

 Brown, navy and charcoal liners look stunning in light coloured eyes.

Simultaneously, brown and impressive shades are also used to enhance the appeal of dark brown and black eyes.

 The easiest way to give your eyes a dramatic look is to use liquid black Eyeliner on your eyes.

Most people opt for black Eyeliner because it is the most versatile shade.

Introduction of the Eyeliner

This post looks at how to apply Eyeliner with some tips to achieve some significant results.

One beautiful effect that can easily be achieved and the preference of many actresses like Marlene Dietrich is a white or beige eye pencil. This has the effect of widening the white of the eye to produce a seductive, alluring appearance.

To apply Eyeliner correctly, you need to make sure that you first apply all other makeup.

If you add your different makeup to the Eyeliner’s top, not only does it remove the results, but the Eyeliner can get smudged or smudged during the application process.

When you’ve got all your other makeup on, make sure you’ve got the right mirror and proper lighting, then start. 

How to apply the Eyeliner?

Slope your head back slightly when applying the Eyeliner and keep your eyes half-open so that you can see yourself as you use the liner.

The line shall be drawn from the eye’s inner side to the upper lid’s outer side.

Let the liner dry until you open your eyes absolutely. To soften the effect of a cruel eyeliner, use a brush to block it a little. The lower lid is lined from the outer rim to the inner side of the eye.

The liquid liner must be applied in a smooth stroke, while the pencil is used gently by stroking the area.

Too dark, Eyeliner doesn’t look fine, so go for thinner lines.

Tips for Applying Pencil eyeliner vs liquid Eyeliner:

To apply the eye pencil, gently move the lid away from the eye with your fingers and draw a line inside the eye surface. Do the same for the upper and lower lids.


You should draw a few lines first on the back of your hand to make the sharpened pencil smoother and more comfortable to apply. This will soften the tip and let the colour flow.


Once you have mastered applying it, Liquid Eyeliner can be a fast way to get a beautiful and glamorous look. But using a liquid eyeliner may take a little practice.


If you’re right-handed, it’s usually more comfortable for you to start applying the liquid from left to right as if you’re writing, and vice versa if you’re left-handed.


Drag around a single continuous fine line. If you want a thicker line, just retrace it at the end of the sprint.


When applying liquid Eyeliner, the tip is to use it as close as possible to the eyelashes, even to the eyelashes.


This will keep you from seeing the irritating white line effect between the lashes and the liner when the two do not touch.

Techniques For Applying Eyeliner for different types of eyes:

Applying Eyeliner can be tricky at the best of times, but there are some tried and tested methods that, if followed, can give you great results.

For a fuller, round-looking eye, first add to the upper lid, using a pencil or liquid Eyeliner to create a thicker line in the eyelid centre. Now, if appropriate, blend in with a brush to offer a smoother line.

For wider eyes, line only the outer half of the upper and lower eyelids. If you’re looking for a dramatic look, add a thick line of Eyeliner to the upper and lower eyelids, blending with a brush if appropriate.

Just use Eyeliner on the upper lid for narrow eyes to prevent further eye closure. Using pale colours to give form and outline to the outer part of the eyelid. Artificial lashes are useful to help open the eyes and make the lashes look thicker.

Using pale shades only on the eye socket for heavy eyelids. Apply fake lashes to the corners to raise the eyes and make them look more open and wide.

If the eyes are similar, pale colours should be used for the inner lid. Darker shades can be used when on the outer eyelid. Mix with a brush from pale to darker hue, mixing darker colours up and out.

Using Eyeliner on the outer half of your eyelid. The eyebrows should be shortened in the start to help create a wider gap between the eyes.

If you have deep eyes, use pale shades only on your eye socket; use a slightly darker hue above your eye socket’s crease.

Using Eyeliner on both the upper and lower lids, blending to smooth the lines. Mascara or false eyelashes are useful to help further illuminate the eyes.

For large eyes, use darker colours on the inner lid and pale colours on the outer eyelid. Extend the eyebrows to the nose to close the distance between the eyes using the eyebrow pencil.

For round eyes, use pale shades over the entire eye socket and blend in the eye’s crease in a darker hue. Apply the Eyeliner to both eyelids and apply the mascara only to the upper and outer lashes.

Using a soft shade of eye shadow from lashes to the brow for almond-shaped eyes. Using a light hue on the eyelid and a darker shade on the outer third of the eyelid.


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Eyeliner makeup is designed to help the eyes pop out and give the appearance of more extensive, thicker eyelashes.

Most liners are black or brown in colour and are applied to the eye’s upper and lower lids.

Healthy Eyeliner also gives your eyes some definition. It can really help you get a new look out of your eyes.

Most of us know how to apply eye makeup the way we want it, but some of us are only searching for a fresh look or a way to improve our current technique.

  1. When applying the liner, never start at the corner of your eye. Start at the halfway point instead of starting at the corner. This will make the eyeliner look a lot more realistic than the ancient Egyptians of the old.
  2. Try to blend your eyeliner into your eyelashes.
  3. Mix your liner with a makeup of the eye shadow. This makes you from trembling and gives you a really sexy natural look.
  4. After 180 days, turn off your liner pen. At this time, most pens become very hard and brittle and are no longer smooth and easy to apply. Don’t use an old pen because it can cause discomfort to your eyes and, in some situations, can cause damage to your eyes.

Eyeliner is a cheap addition to your range of beauty care items and can produce beautiful results – now you know how to attract your eye and draw your admiring gazes