Do you want  to grow and thicken your hair? Are you looking for some home remedies for hair growth and thickness?
Well, of course you do. Hair is a very important part of the human body. It’s an important source of beauty in both man and woman. Usually woman cares more about their hair.

But both men and women can try these home based remedies in order to grow and thicken your hair.

A lady’s hair is the primary most noticeable piece of her magnificence. It upgrades her identity. It’s a vital piece of your appearance and sets the tone for your whole look.

Today we will discuss the best home remedies for hair growth and thickness that you can use to grow and thicken your hair as well as the causes of hair damage.

Home Remedies for Hair Growth and Thinkness that drive results

Hair is made of an extreme protein called keratin. A hair follicle stays every hair into the skin. The hair knob frames the base of the hair follicle. In the hair globule, living cells partition and develop to manufacture the hair shaft. Another hair starts the development stage, driving the old hair out.

Causes of Hair Damage:

 Before we jump into the home remedies for hair growth and thickness we should take a look at the things that causes the hair damage.

Heat:  Heat causes harm. Blow drying causes a “streak drying” impact that evacuates the surface dampness as well as expels water that is bound to the hair, or, in other words of hydration.

The impact of this glimmer drying is that the cuticle skin ends up dry, inflexible and weak.

 Chemicals: The hair cuticle skin is the farthest bit of the hair shaft and is encircled from dead cells. … This injury can cause hair breaking, split terminations, and discernibly unwanted hair. How Chemicals Damage Your Hair.

The purposes behind artificially hurt hair can, for the most part, be credited to hair shading, perms and hair relaxants.

Hair Color: Hair colors contains many chemicals that are the major cause of hair damage.

Causes of Hair Loss: Androgenic male pattern baldness is seen in the two people yet is worse in men. Thyroid sickness, iron deficiency, protein insufficiency, chemotherapy, and low vitamin levels may cause male pattern baldness.

Alopecia areata is a type of male pattern baldness created by the immune system demolition of hair follicles in limited zones of skin. 

The most widely recognized reason for male pattern baldness is an inherited condition called male-design hair loss or female-design sparseness.

It typically happens steadily with maturing and in unsurprising examples , a retreating hairline and uncovered spots in men and diminishing hair in ladies.

Hormonal changes and medicinal conditions. Alopecia, a condition in which hair drops out in little fixes, is one conceivable indication of niacin insufficiency (41, 42).

Biotin (vitamin B7): Biotin is another B vitamin that, when lacking, might be connected to male pattern baldness.

Stress, ailment, and childbirth can cause brief male pattern baldness.

Ringworm caused by a contagious contamination can likewise cause male pattern baldness.

Immune system illness may cause alopecia areata.

In alopecia areata, the invulnerable framework revs up for obscure reasons and influences the hair follicles.

Home Remedies for Hair Growth and Thickness

There are many causes of hair damage , but not to worry if you are suffering from these here are some important remedies for hair growth and thickness that can help you grow your hair quicker.

1: Onion

Onion is the first and foremost home remedy for hair growth and thickness. This lessens hair fall as scalp contamination can cause gigantic loss of hair. Include volume by utilizing onion juice for hair.

They can be utilized to battle dandruff attributable to their rich enemy of bacterial properties. They enhance blood flow which is another way they add to hair development.

For this purpose take one large onion. grind it .than extract water from the paste. 

Apply this water on your head and do some massage with it for 3 to 4 minutes.

Leave the water on your hair for half an hour. After that wash your hair with shampoo.

Do this twice a week.

2. Garlic

Take the juice from the 8 cloves of garlic.for this purposes grind 8 cloves of garlic in the grinder and then strain its juice with the help of a strainer.

To the garlic juice, include one tablespoon of nectar and blend until the point when the two are all around joined. 

Apply the garlic-nectar blend to your hair and scalp and abandon it in for 20 minutes.

Wash off with a mellow cleanser.

3.Vitamin E

Vitamin E is available in brand name evion.

  • Take one 600 mg evion.
  • Take one tablespoon of kalonji(clone)powder in it.
  • Take aloe vera gel in it.


                     Mix them until a smooth paste is formed. apply this to your head and do massage for 3 minutes. keep this paste on your head for one hour. Do this for 7 days .this will help you in removing all hair problems and helps your hair to grow fast.

Tips for good hair 

These remedies are very beneficial but along with that follow these tips too.

  • Eat more protein. Truly, up those fish and meat dosages as the protein pressed nourishment are incredible for the hair.
  • Tune in to your body.
  • Check your vitamin levels.
  • What’s more, your iron levels as well.
  • Take care of your scalp.
  • Try not to skip conditioner


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