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How to Get Perfect Pink Acrylics Nail in 2024

Pink acrylic nails are super versatile and trendy. They can make your hands look amazing. You can choose from a ton of different shades and designs to personalize your look. Also, they’re just so fun and stylish – what’s not to love about them? Achieve flawless pink acrylic nails with our expert tips and techniques for 2024.

Choosing the Right Shade of Pink for Your Acrylics

pink acrylics nails

Choosing just the right shade of pink for your acrylic nails can be so much fun! With countless dazzling options, you’re sure to find the ideal one that complements your skin tone and indeed personal style.

Light Pink Acrylics

Chiefly If you’re looking for a delicate and pretty way to enhance your look, you might want to try light and pale pink acrylic nails.

These colours are perfect for those with fair or olive skin tones, as they create a subtle and indeed natural appearance that’s simply stunning.

Emphatically Soft pink, nude, and baby pink shades are mainly ideal for French tips or minimalist nail art. So, why not give your nails a stylish and elegant makeover with some lovely light pink shades? Trust me, you won’t be disappointed!

Bright Pink Acrylics

Who doesn’t love some fun and bright pink acrylics? They’re perfect for making a statement, especially if you have a warmer skin tone.

If you have a darker complexion, you’re in luck, because bright pinks pop! The playful and summery vibe is just what we need right now.

And if you want to take things up a notch, why not add some glitter or nail art for some extra sparkle?

Pink Ombre Acrylics

If you’re looking for a cool and trendy nail style, you should undeniably try out pink ombre nails. They’re made by combining different shades of light and dark pink acrylic on each nail.

They are done by starting brighter at the cuticle and fading to a pale pink tip. This creates a super chic and modern look with lots of depth.

Give it a try and you indeed won’t be disappointed!

Choosing the Perfect Pink

When selecting the perfect pink:

  • Consider your skin tone and undertone
  • Choose seasonally as lighter pinks look perfect during spring while neon pinks are preferred for summer
  • Complement your style as soft pinks are more for a feminine look while bold pinks are for a fun pop

You should consult your nail technician about the right pink for your next acrylic manicure. Also, bring along the inspirational photos to your appointment.

Getting Pink Acrylic Nails Applied Professionally

Applying pink acrylics at a professional nail salon guarantees proper application and long-lasting results. The process involves several steps:

Acrylic Application Step-by-Step

  • The nail technician initially trims and files natural nails. This ensures a suitable base and shape for building the acrylic on top.
  • The natural nails are then carelessly buffed and dehydrated using a pH bond or primer. This allows the acrylic to stick properly.
  • Liquid monomer and acrylic polymer powder are mixed. It is then brushed on the nail in layers to fabricate and extend the nail to the preferred length and shape.
  • As the technician works, the acrylic mixture hardens and forms the nail enhancement. Until the desired shape is reached the technician keeps adding more product. 
  • The edges are filed properly to give a smooth shape. The nails are then cleaned and prepared for polish, art or to be left naked.

The Appointment

Moreover, It takes around 1-2 hours for a normal acrylic nail application. It depends on the salon and the enhancements added to how much you will be charged.

But normally it costs around $30-$150. Some salons do allow walk-ins but it’s always suggested to book in advance to get the appointment time you want.

Inspiration photos can be of help in deciding what you exactly want. So bring along these inspirational photos and discuss in detail the pink shade and designs you have in mind. This can help you bring your imagination into reality with the custom pink acrylics.

10 Trending Pink Acrylic Styles

Pink acrylics are the new trendiest and chic options available at the moment. Moreover, They can be more fun with new twists. Here are 10 of the top trending pink styles:

Rose Gold Acrylics

rose gold arcylic

Rose gold’s warm, metallic glow looks stunning on acrylic nails. Especially dazzling as an ombre starting pink at the cuticle and fading into gold at the tips.

Chrome Pink Acrylics

chrome pink arcylic

Chrome powder gives pink a mirror-like reflective finish. This works magnificently on short square acrylic nails.

Pink Marble Acrylics

Pink Marble Acrylics

Meanwhile, Marbling pink and white acrylic powder creates veins and depth with a creative vibe.

Minimalist Pink Acrylics

Minimalist Pink Acrylics

Nevertheless, Delicate sheer and nude pinks in square, squoval, or almond shapes symbolize elegance.

Pink Ombre Acrylics

Pink Ombre Acrylics

Ombre combines pink and nudes by gradually fading from light to dark colours. It is ideal for a flawless natural look.

Matte Pink Acrylics

mattee pink arcylic

Moreover, the Matte top coat transforms glossy pinks into a modern, velvety finish. Use it on all nails or as an accent.

Negative Space Pink Acrylics

negative nail arcylic

Leave negative space at the cuticle and tip to emphasize the pink acrylic on the centre of the nail.

Pink Coffin Acrylics

Pink Coffin Acrylics

Significantly, Long coffin-shaped nails let you show off a daring solid pink shade to full effect.

Pink and Gold Acrylics

pink and gold arcylic

Accent pink acrylics with gilded gold foil flakes or metallic gold striping tape look stunning and attention-grabbing subsequently.

Pink Acrylic French Tips

A pink twist on French tips remains a go-to classic. Use a sheer pink on the tips for a softer look specifically.

Soft Pink Almond Nails

Almond-shaped nails look elegant and natural in delicate, skin-tone pink.

Pink Nude Acrylics

pink nude arcylic

Sheer and glossy nude pinks closely match your skin tone for a clean, minimalist style.

Creative Designs: Pink Acrylic Nail Art

One surprising advantage of acrylics is the ability to get creative with paint, add-ons, textures, and nail art. Some pink nail art ideas are the following;

  • White polka dots on a bright pink base
  • Delicate pink florals painted with a nail art brush
  • Glitter ombre fading from pink to rose gold
  • Geometric or striped designs in alternating white and pink
  • Rhinestone accents for extra sparkle
  • Pink leopard print or animal prints
  • Metallic pink swirls and marbling

The options are infinite for personalizing pink acrylics with nail art!

Celebrity Inspiration

Having inspiration from celebrities is never a bad idea. Some unforgettable celebrity pink acrylics are the following;

  • Rihanna’s iconic square-shaped hot pink talons
  • Kylie Jenner’s light pink extra-long stiletto acrylics
  • Cardi B’s longer-than-long pink coffin nails
  • Dua Lipa’s chrome pink glassy finish
  • Billie Eilish’s neon pink and lime green mismatched sets
  • Khloe Kardashian’s pink and white checkerboard French tips

At-Home Pink Acrylics vs. Salons

You can always purchase DIY acrylic application kits for at-home use. Still visiting a professional nail technician has its advantages

Benefits of Salon Pink Acrylics

  • Expertise in shaping, prepping nails, and applying products
  • Direct access to expert-quality acrylic powders
  • Range of options for custom pink shades and designs
  • Nail art, embellishments, and finishing details
  • Long-lasting results and repairs between fills

Pros of DIY Pink Acrylic Kits

  • Convenience and scheduling flexibility
  • Creative control over the process
  • More affordable than salon visits
  • Allows practice and experimentation
  • Occasional salon visits help preserve the acrylic nails even with DIY sets. Pros can identify any issues and repair damage.

Caring for Pink Acrylic Nails

Getting long-term pink acrylic nails requires proper maintenance and care. Follow these tips to keep your pink acrylics looking magnificent

Nail Hygiene

  • Keep nails and cuticles moisturized with cuticle oil or lotion daily. This prevents breakage and cracking.
  • Use a light, non-acetone nail polish remover when needed. Avoid unnecessary exposure to acetone.
  • Sanitize nail tools and avoid touching nails to limit the risk of infection.

Prevent Lifting and Cracks

  • Avoid prolonged water contact which can compromise the acrylic bond. Don’t forget to wear gloves for cleaning and washing.
  • Don’t pick at the acrylic nails as this can cause cracks and lifting.
  • Gently file away any cracks or rough edges using a fine-grit nail file.

Filling Gaps

As natural nails grow out, a gap forms between the acrylic tip and the natural nail. Get fill appointments every 2-3 weeks.

  • Filling gaps with fresh acrylic prevents cracks, breakage, and bacteria buildup.
  • Know When to Remove/Reapply
  • Plan to fully remove and reapply pink acrylics every 2-3 months. The bond weakens over time.
  • Look for signs of unnecessary lifting, thinning, likewise cracking as a signal to take them off and start fresh.
  • With proper acrylic application and care, your fabulous pink nails can last weeks! Stay glam with quality pink acrylic nail services.

The Pros and Cons of Wearing Acrylic Nails

Acrylic nails have many benefits but they also have some downsides 


  • Support and protect weak or damaged nails
  • Length, strength, and flexibility
  • Long lasting – 2 to 4 weeks between fills
  • Cover natural nail flaws or discoloration
  • Never-ending design possibilities


  • Higher maintenance than normal polish
  • Risk of damage if applied inappropriately
  • Can weaken natural nails if worn long-term
  • Require fills every 2-3 weeks to prevent lifting or cracking
  • The removal process can be damaging if not done correctly

Overall, acrylics are a high-quality enhancement if appropriately applied and cared for.


Pink acrylic nails are a chic and modern way to add some trendy feminine touches to your overall look. You can opt for a customized look that defines your personality. You can also bring out your internal creativity and have fun with designs and various shades of pink. 

The first and foremost important thing is choosing the right pink shade that defines your personality. Then comes the question of how you can achieve what you want.

This can be surely done by seeking professional help and deciding on the preferred shapes and nail art with your nail technician. 

Also, you need to keep in mind the maintenance guidelines. You have to regularly keep moisturizing your nails, avoid damage, and get timely fill appointments specifically.

If done right your pink acrylics will look classy, noticeable, and can last 3-4 weeks or more between fills. Book your next appointment and walk out with striking salon-quality pink nails that are sure to earn compliments. Meanwhile, Your nails will look freshly polished with minimal upkeep. Give pink acrylics a try for your next special event or girl’s night out!