Rose water is a fragrant liquid from rose petals used for centuries for its medicinal, culinary, and cosmetic benefits. It is produced by steeping rose petals in water and then distilling the liquid. The result is sweet-smelling floral water that also contains various natural bioactive compounds from the rose petals.

The benefits of rose water date back thousands of years to ancient Middle Eastern and also in North African cultures. Rose water was beloved by queens like Cleopatra for its beautiful aroma and skin-enhancing properties. It is essential in Middle Eastern and South Asian cuisine and skincare regimens.

Indeed, Rose water has a delicate, aromatic scent that can relax the mind and lift the mood. It offers potential benefits for skin, hair, and more when applied topically due to its nourishing, antimicrobial, and anti-inflammatory properties.

Keep reading to learn how rose water can benefit your beauty regimen and enhance your natural glow.

Benefits of Rose Water for Skin

 benefits of rose water

Rose water has long been revered as a natural beauty aid for promoting smooth, health and also radiant skin. Here are some of the top benefits of rose water for skin which are the following:

Hydration and Moisturization

Rose water is over 90% water, making it an excellent hydrator for skin. It provides a surge of moisture while the aromatic oils help lock in that hydration. Using rose water facial mists or creams helps skin stay supple and thus dewy.

Soothing Properties for Irritated Skin

The anti-inflammatory properties of rose water help calm and soothe irritated skin prone to conditions like acne, eczema, and dermatitis. Splashing skin with rose water or using it in creams can also reduce redness and discomfort from these conditions.

Balancing pH Levels

Rose water has a pH level similar to healthy skin. Using it helps restore the skin’s natural pH balance, which gets disrupted by cleansers and environmental pollutants. Balanced pH means less irritation and enhanced glow.

Anti-Inflammatory Effects

Rose water contains various antioxidants and phenolic compounds that help fight inflammation. This benefits inflammatory skin conditions and also reduces puffiness, redness, and skin reactivity.

Benefits of Rose Water for Hair

 Rose for hair

In addition to skin perks, rose water also offers lots of hair care benefits:

Nourishing Scalp and Hair Follicles

Rose water’s vitamins, antioxidants, and also essential fatty acids nourish hair follicles and the scalp for stronger, healthier hair right from the roots.

Conditioner and Hair Softener

Using rose water as a rinse after shampooing helps condition, detangle, and thus soften hair. Its emollient properties lock moisture into the hair shaft, making hair silky and thus smooth.

Scalp Hydration and Soothing

The hydrating and anti-inflammatory qualities of rose water soothe dry, itchy scalps. It also helps reduce dandruff and dermatitis of the scalp. Its pleasant aroma is also very relaxing.

Benefits of Rose Water on Face

rose water for skin

For the face specifically, rose water offers benefits like:

Toning and Tightening Skin

Regular use of rose water helps tone and also tighten facial skin. The rose oils provide a slight astringent effect to smooth out wrinkles and refined pores.

Reducing Redness and Irritation

Splashing the face with rose water or applying it via creams/mists helps calm redness and also inflammation. It’s incredibly soothing for conditions like acne, rosacea, and also facial eczema.

Makeup Setting Spray

Spritzing rose water on top of makeup acts as a setting spray to help makeup last longer. The water binds the pigments, while the aroma uplifts the mood.

Benefits of Rose Water for Locs

rose water for locs

For those sporting loc’d hair, rose water is also beneficial:

Hydrating Scalp and Locs

The hydrating properties of rose water help moisturize both the scalp and the locs themselves, improving overall scalp and loc health.

Reducing Itchiness and Flakiness

If locs get itchy or flaky, rose water can help calm and soothe the scalp while also removing dry skin or residue from locs.

Refreshing and Revitalizing Locs

Misting locs with rose water is a great way to refresh and revitalize them. The aroma lingers to keep locs smelling divine.

Use Of Rose Water In DIY Recipes and Applications

Rose water is widely available for purchase, but you can also make your own at home:

Homemade Rose Water

  • Ingredients:
    • Fresh rose petals (2 cups)
    • Distilled water (2 cups)
    • Pot for boiling water
    • Bowl with lid
    • Cheesecloth
    • Glass jar for storing
  • Directions:
  1. Bring filtered water to a gentle boil in a pot.
  2. Add rose petals and remove from heat.
  3. Cover the pot and let it sit for 30-60 minutes to allow infusion.
  4. Strain the liquid through a cheesecloth over a bowl to remove the petals.
  5. Pour liquid into a glass jar and store in the fridge for up to a week.

You can use this homemade or store-bought rose water in various DIY health and beauty recipes:

DIY Face Toner and Mist

  • Combine 1 part rose water with 1 part witch hazel in a spray bottle—Spritz over the face.

Hair and Scalp Treatments

  • After shampooing, rinse hair with 1 cup of rose water diluted in 2 cups.
  • For scalp itchiness, massage cut rose water directly onto the scalp.

Loc Refreshers

  • Mist rose water onto locs as needed to refresh.
  • For an overnight treatment, saturate locs with rose water and cover with a shower cap. Rinse in the morning.

How to Choose and Use Rose Water

When buying and using rose water, keep these tips in mind:

Selecting the Right Rose Water Product

  • Look for 100% pure, organic rose water with no added chemicals. It should smell intensely floral.
  • Food-grade rose water works well for cooking and cosmetic uses. Opt for steam distillation over chemical solvent extraction.
  • Avoid rose-scented synthetic products. Make sure the ingredients list actual Rosa damascena (rose) flower water.

Incorporating Rose Water into Skincare and Haircare Routines

  • Use rose water after cleansing skin or hair to help restore moisture.
  • Add a few drops of rose water to your regular creams, masks, shampoos, or conditioners.
  • Spritz it throughout the day over your face and hair for an instant refresh.
  • Use cooled rose water in a compress for tired eyes or headaches.

Safety and Precautions

While rose water is generally very safe, be aware that:

Allergies and Sensitivities

A small percentage of people may be allergic or sensitive to components of rose water. Do a patch test before broader use.

Patch Testing Recommendations

If concerned about reactions, dab a bit of rose water onto the inner wrist and wait 24 hours to check for any redness or itching before broader application.

How Often Should Rose Water Be Used?

Rose water can be used 1-2 times daily. For hair, use it as a final rinse after shampooing. For skin, spray or apply after regular cleansing.

Can Rose Water Replace Other Skincare Products?

While very beneficial, rose water should only partially replace your skincare routine. Use it as a complementary addition to enhance effects.

Is Rose Water Suitable for All Skin and Hair Types?

Rose water is gentle enough for most skin types, even sensitive skin. It’s beneficial for dry, oily, regular, and combination skin. For hair, it works for all textures and styles.


In summary, rose water is an ancient beauty elixir that offers various benefits for skin, hair, and beyond. Its healing and rejuvenating properties come from natural active compounds in rose petals that can also help nourish, hydrate, and soothe.

When incorporated into skincare and haircare regimens, rose water enhances the health and appearance of skin and hair in numerous ways. Its pleasant aroma also makes self-care routines a more luxurious, relaxing experience. Moreover, Rose water is easy to make at home or purchase for a reasonable cost. With a long history across many cultures, this floral water retains its timeless popularity thanks to its beauty and therapeutic benefits.

So, if you’re looking for a natural way to boost skincare and pamper yourself, unleash the benefits of rose water. Your skin, hair, and senses will thank you!