Why is spotless skin too much into question?

Usually we try face wash, anti-aging creams, serums, sunscreens, makeups that really smashes the market. If dry, oily, dead and patchy skin is not enough then you must have combination skin type! And so far we are willing to try different products under the sun to have flawless skin. But, this doesn’t work as an overnight miracle. The radiant, blemish free skin that we have always looked-for is just no more a fantasy but now it is certain. 

Skin is a revealing sign of exactly how decent we feel on the inside of us. In order to get radiance, it is significant to take care of skin time to time. But, today’s hectic lifestyle daily skincare is not possible by adding to this issue; stress, contamination, depression, anxiety, too much sun exposure and our never ending affection for junk foods all are responsible to say flawless skin a goodbye!

But don’t worry, this article is going to bring a smile along with glow to your face. Having flawless skin is not a difficult task. These twenty-five effective beauty tips for face that derive results quickly are definitely give you a flawless, radiant and glowing skin that you always going to love.  

Crack these splendor tips and don’t forget to give us feedback later!

1- Cleansing

Everything needs to be neat and clean and when it comes to your beauty then cleansing or washing face for good beauty routine is essential and is not be compromised. Washing your face with good face washes helps to get rid of dirt, oil, impurities and works as an important beauty tip for face. Face washes are commonly composed of activated carbon which helps to remove pollution from your face to look clean and flawless.

Simply rinsing face is not enough you can use chick pea powder mixing it with turmeric as it contains anti-bacterial properties. Mix both and add half lemon juice to make a paste, apply this on your face for 5 minutes and rinse it off with cold water.

You can also use 2 tablespoons of raw milk and a tablespoon of honey mix both well and apply on your face for 10 minutes before using face wash. It generally works as a facial at home and give you instant radiance because honey is well known as beautifying agent.

2. Your face needs Massage:

Massage is a common practice followed by every woman as a part of beauty routine. In order to get relief from stress, anxiety and bad mood it serves as a natural stress reliever and also enhance your mood. It helps to stimulate production of collagen and improves blood circulation in the skin.

Regularly massaging before going to bed is good as it tightens your skin and lifts up your muscles. This is also an anti-aging practice and supports inflamed skin conditions as well.As your face is the tell-tale of your inside and whenever you feel stressed or upset, signs gradually appear on your face and make you look dull and depressed. To get rid of those signs massaging is significant to relieve stress and bring cheer to your face. Take ant oil and massage your face, feet and whole body to look fresh.

3. Drinking water:

Water has skincare aids and thus, provides glow to your face. The body requires water to function properly and also the skin, is like other organs of the body, also needs water. If your intake of water is not enough then you are divesting your skin of adequate hydration. Lack of water dried your skin texture and makes it flaky.


As, dry skin type has less resilience and prone to wrinkles. It flushes out the toxins from your skin and carry nutrients to the cell. It helps in reduction of acne, scars and even delays the aging process. It is important to make time table for drinking water, usually a person must take 8 to 10 glass of water daily for good functioning. The toxins excrete through urine and your body gets purified.

4. Apply Sunscreen daily:

Apply sunscreen on your face half an hour before going out to suffer minimum skin damage. It must be added in your daily routine if you want healthy and glowing skin. It will not give you an immediate result but the truth is that using it daily will ensure you to thanks 7 years later. Choose 30 SPF, which hydrates you more.

The uninterruptedly reducing ozone layer has set us at a greater hazard of receiving exaggerated injurious rays of the sun. Though you do want the sun for your everyday quantity of Vitamin D, it does not hint that you ought to put your strength at threat! Spreading it over your face actually hunks these injurious rays from all-pervading skin and activating skin maladies.

5. Apply face masks:

If your skin is not showing its full glory, then you need to apply face mask to get healthy and supple skin. There are so many face masks designed for different types of skin, ages and they solve problems too. Remove impurities from skin, closes open pores as well.

To make a mask, you need aloe vera gel 2 tablespoons, milk 1 tablespoon and pinch of turmeric. Mix all of them and apply this paste on your face for 10 to 15 minutes and rinse it off with Luke warm water.

Aloe vera gel is quite effective in getting smooth and supple skin. It is good for glow and turmeric is an anti-bacterial agent as in this season humidity is on height and many people get pimples on their face due to sun exposure and dirt, turmeric removes such impurities from your face and works best for beauty.

6. Sleep well:

If you are exhausted, then it is absolutely going to display on your face. To one side from all the pardon in magnificence cures for your face, it is very significant that you get adequate sleep every night. Well ahead, night sleep is known for holding up some beauty sleep for a purpose! Sleeping aids in balancing body’s hydration and keeps the skin healthy. Your body increases blood flow to the skin even though you are sleeping. Many sleeping break ups, and your appearance can look dull, pale, or dead.

If you need to even out your creases and wrinkles, then never forget to snooze to not affect your skin.

To have a good sleep you must take minerals that contain magnesium because magnesium is soothing. Those who face difficulty in sleep are highly suggested to take magnesium in their diet. Because lack of magnesium can lead to sleeping disorder, constipation, cramps, irritability and pain. Foods which contain magnesium are seeds, green vegetables, almonds, whole grains and you can also add dark green leafy vegetable juices in your diet to have proper sleep.

7. Milk and lemon:

Once in a day make a habit of doing this trick. What you have to do is to just wash your face with a good face wash. Dry your face and then take a cotton ball just dip it into raw milk, squeeze the extra milk from the ball and rub this ball full of milk gently on your face in a circular motion. It will definitely give you extra glow and smooth your skin.

Milk has lightening properties; the lactic acid in milk gradually reduces pigmentation when applied topically. You can soak one sliced lemon in half cup of milk for 15 minutes and rub the solution on to your face and leave it overnight for beautiful skin. 

7. Toning:

Toning plays important role in giving moisture to your face, it works perfectly as it lets the moisturizer works nicely. For toning you can use rose-water as a toner. But first you have to moisturize your face and you can use coconut oil for dry skin jojoba oil or aloe Vera gel for oily skin as a natural moisturizer and after that you can use toner of any good brand and you can make toner at home as well.

For making toner; you need 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar along with half cup of water. Mix both of them and dip a cotton ball into it and squeeze the extra solution and wipe off your face with cotton ball. Toner is good for cleansing your face and give extra volume to your skin.

9. Home remedies are best than market beauty products:

Prioritize natural remedies over beauty products and there is home remedy actually available for all skin issues. However, results are late but are more worthy because they are organic in nature and other products contain chemicals which are injurious for skin and home remedies are available at your kitchen shelves, easy to make.

Use honey as a natural remedy that it contains beauty properties as well and is an excellent moisturizer. And also, it takes no time to apply.

Mix egg white with half tablespoon of honey and apply to your face, rinse when it dries. It tightens your skin and gives glow to your face. 

10. Sticky dark circles:

Most people have this problem, and they are so sticky to the skin and may not go easily once appear. They look so weird and a person looks tired because of them. There are so many reasons of their occurrence. You must take care of your sleep, and your diet. Your food also has negative effects on your appearance so it is important to have good diet.

Try to find possible allergens and escape them for few days to know the difference. Go for Arnica gel for under eye dark circles and you can buy those products which contain arnica because it contains anti-inflammatory properties which prevent swelling and reduce darkness from under eyes. Potato juice is also good for brightening the affected area along with pinch of baking soda.

11. Strawberry and baking soda smile:

Skin concerns such as early aging, dark circles, acne, eczema, and pigmentation are get worse by long-lasting stress. Snooze, introspection, and work out are some vital methods to get rid of stress in response you get glowing skin. Introspection and enough workouts are recognized to benefit us cope stress and adds in beauty treatments.

Stress is another aspect but yellow teeth also look weird. Your beautiful smile along with clean teeth makes your looks more charming. When we talk about beauty, smile is also important. You can clean your teeth with baking soda and strawberries because both contain whitening properties called Malic acid and works as astringent by removing stains. Mash strawberries and add pinch of baking soda apply it on your tooth brush and start brushing gently. When done rinse off.

12. Complexion pack:

Carrot is also used for brightening and especially for eyesight. To get a balanced complexion to take half carrot juice along with yogurt and egg white.  Apply this mixture on your face for just 15 minutes and rinse off with lukewarm water, repeat this twice in a week for better results.

However, carrots have anti-inflammatory properties to remove dead skin cells, give fresh and new skin layer.

13.Pink lips:

When it comes to beauty then lips care is also a part of beauty. We need to take a lot of care of lips just as we take care of our other body parts. Along with hands, feet, face, knees and elbows, lips also need some attention and care too.


If you are looking for lips health than Almond oil works as miracle apply 2 or 3 drops of almond oil daily on your lips to get them soft and supple. You can make scrub for lips as well. You need 1 tablespoon honey, 4 teaspoons of sugar, 2 tablespoons of rose water and vanilla essence if needed for fragrance.

Mix them well and apply as a lip scrub. Honey is the best moisturizer and sugar exfoliates and softens the skin. Rose water makes them fresh and toned. For dark lips, you can take coconut oil with almond oil mix them together and apply regularly for better results.

14. Stop hairs to fall:

To stop your hairs to fall and adds in beauty than ‘’kalonji oil’’ is the best solution. It fights against hair fall and also improves hair growth as it contains Nigellone and Thymoquinone. It is safe to apply and works naturally to re-growth of hairs.

Sative oil is also best for hairs; it improves scalp health and fights against dandruff and irritation. It stops the process of black to gray hairs. It is advised to use this oil on a weekly basis to have shiny hairs and healthy scalp.

15.Skin infections:

Skin infections like allergy, fungus, eczema, psoriasis have negative effect on one’s beauty. These can be cured by application of oil on your face; these have anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. Here, you can again use Kalonji oil along with beauty products, or you can add 2 3 drops into your moisturizer as well. You can also use other natural beauty oils as coconut oil, olive oil along with honey and apply them on your face and hairs to combat beauty problems.

Irritated skin can be calm down with buttermilk mask and it gives glory to your beauty.

16. Clean pores and remove blackheads:

It almost takes only 15 to 30 minutes to pamper any skin, instead of wasting time on makeup to hide your problems. You should cleanse your skin and remove black and white heads from the surface of the skin to get smooth skin texture.

In order to remove black and white heads, take 1 tablespoon of gelatin. Add water and microwave it for 30 sec. when it gets touchable, carefully apply this onto your face covering nose, chin more and then let it dry. Peal it off gently.

You can add honey and cinnamon apply thin layer over the blackheads and then place a strip of tissue or cotton on to it. Remove it after 5 to 7 minutes and rinse your face with cold water. 

17.Say goodbye to face lines:

As a substitute of stiffer stuff, pick a pillow sham that is lenient and refined to cut the roughness and skin firmness that befalls while you nap and leaves with added lines in the morning. If you slumber on your lateral way, try to move sides and sleeping on the back.

Consequently your face doesn’t crease over period as of compression in sure zones. But, don’t hassle roughly … in the end, you need to be relaxed for the reason that excellent sleep is critical for natural beauty.

18.Soft Skin

If your skin is getting rough and irritated than you need to soothe it and moisturize it properly. Collagen breaks down caused by prolonged inflammation of the skin. To soothe your skin you need aloe Vera gel to get vibrant, and smooth skin, because it contains anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties, it also penetrates the skin to provide nourishment.

It gives drastic benefits to smooth skin which is over exposed to sun. It is highly effective in healing cuts, wounds, eczema and acne. You can plant it at home and extract the gel to use it naturally. You can use it with lemon to get glow on your face.

19.Get youthful skin:

Use more natural ingredients in your daily beauty routine. Antioxidant-rich and hydrating content can lift and save the skin naturally.

 You can exercise daily to tighten your skin and save your youthful skin texture. The pollutant content in serums,  gradually lifts your skin naturally.

It provides antioxidants and instant lifting effect which improves the appearance of the skin. Add oils to your daily skincare routine which retain your smoothness and baby skin texture.

20.Body scrub:

Beauty is not only for face, it includes your whole body. Scrub your body twice a week to get smooth skin. To make such Scrub, you need 2 tablespoons of olive oil and 1 teaspoon of sea salt. Mix both of them and scrub before bath.

This helps to get rid of dead skin and create smooth skin. Add this beauty tip into your routine because it is cheaper than expensive beauty scrubs in the market.

21. Elbow and Knees Exfoliator and Skin Brightener

Make your elbows and knees brighter and softer. These are the parts that are highly rough and dry and need more care, because it looks very bad when your whole body is glowing but your elbows, ankles look rough and dull.

To make them smooth take an orange cut it into half and rub it on your elbows, knees and ankles. Rinse off when you are done.

It usually helps to smooth the area and gives beauty as a whole. These beauty tips ease your beauty routine and gives extra protection to your body

22.Stretch marks:

Do you also suffering from stretch marks?. These usually appears after your weight gain or while pregnancy. Once they appear, it is hard to get rid of them because they are scar tissues. But, research shows that those sticky marks can also be reduce by taking a lot of care.

Yarrow extract is one of the famous ingredients in Australia where women use this content to remove their marks. It contains anti-inflammatory properties which also moisturize the skin.

It is also good for healing irritations and infections as well. Buy cream which contains that ingredient to end the story of those sticky marks. Baking soda is another compound used along with water to get rid of stretch marks

23. Garlic for stronger nails:

There is an other beauty secret, if your nails break all time. One best way to improve health of your nails is to use garlic. Research shows that chopping garlic and includes it to clear nail polish.

Wait for a week and a half and then apply it to nails for beautiful nails in result. But it smell so bad. In order to get stronger and harder nails, garlic performs its best.

 It has anti-bacterial properties and it is also works as anti-fungal compound. You can rub garlic on your nails to get a shiny healthy nails.

24. Wash your hairs less:

Shampoos contain chemicals which are damaging for your hairs. It is good to use conditioner along with shampoo to make your hairs tangles free.

But, shampooing daily is not a good gesture for your hairs health. It gradually weakens your hairs and falling starts early. They become rough and dry like a disaster.

Water contains minerals like sodium and many other which are injurious for hair health. Similarly, hard water in many countries opens struggle for beauty. It is advised to wash less your hairs with shampoo and in return you deal with less minerals.

 Apply natural oils to maintain the texture of your hairs and protect your scalp also from dandruff. Add this also to your beauty tips note, and try all these for ” beautiful you”.

25. Feet care:

It is important to care your feet also. You need a tub of lukewarm water, add 3 tablespoons of baking  soda, 1 lemon juice, foaming soap and put your feet into this tub for 5 minutes. Start scrubbing with brush to remove dead skin.

Then make a paste of gram flour, coffee and rose water, mix all of them and apply this on your feet for 10 minutes. Wash it off and apply any moisturizer to get smooth feet.

This foot soak performs great in order to have smooth, soft and beautiful feet. It is a good exfoliator for your feet and thus, brightens your feet and nails too.

Luckily! You are at good place to find solutions and maintain your beauty with these mentioned tips to become a star of the evening. Upper mentioned tips are for both men and women to beautify their looks while wasting time for makeup products. As, beauty demands care and all those tips are highly organic in nature. Let us know your beauty secret in feedbacks.