Your teeth color gets altered slowly when you age, as the outer enamel wears away the yellow dentin underneath becomes more visible. Dentin is the following layer of calcified tissue underneath the outside enamel layer.

If you are keen to whiten your teeth, you must try some simple methods to get magical effects.…Here are ten best natural options to get white teeth. It is best to choose few conducts and switch them throughout the week.

Brush your teeth regularly in the correct manner. It is significant to brush your teeth after every consumption of food and drinks which leads to yellow teeth.

However, brush your teeth carefully so that your gums may not bleed. Brush your teeth twice a day once in the morning and once in the evening. Brush with whitening toothpaste which contains abrasives that scrub the teeth to remove the surface stain.

2.Hydrogen peroxide and Baking soda:

Hydrogen peroxide and baking soda is good to remove plaque and bacteria.

Mix 1 tablespoon of baking soda with 2 tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide to make a paste.

Rinse your teeth thoroughly after brushing with this paste. 

3.Coconut oil:

The pulling of coconut oil is known to remove plaque and bacteria from the mouth which aids in the whitening of teeth. Oil pulling has a whitening effect on teeth as plaque causes teeth to yellow.

Swish 1 to 2 teaspoons of liquid coconut oil in your mouth for 10 to 30 minutes. Rinse your mouth then drink a full glass of water. After washing brush your teeth softly. 

Don’t let the oil touch the back of your throat. Do not swallow the oil as it encompasses toxins and bacteria from the mouth.

4.Apple Cider Vinegar:

Apple cider vinegar is well known for its teeth whitening effects.

You can make a mouth wash by mixing 2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar with 6 ounces of water. Swish the solution for 30 sec and rinse with water and brush your teeth.

5.Lemon, orange and banana peels:

Rub lemon, orange and banana peels on your teeth which will make teeth whiter. The compound d-limonene and citric acid, which is found in citrus fruit peels will help to whiten your teeth.

Rub these fruit peels on your teeth for 2 minutes and then rinse out your mouth and brush your teeth afterward.  Use it twice daily to get reduced the yellowish substance. The fruit peels obviously give you surprising results.

6.Activated Charcoal:

Activated charcoal is known for its amazing benefits to removing stains from teeth. Charcoal has a tendency to remove pigments as well.

Open a capsule of activated charcoal and put that powder on your toothbrush. Then brush gently especially in the area around your gums. Don’t brush too aggressively.

You can also dab it on your teeth and leave for 2 minutes for better results. Swish for 2 minutes and then spit it out. After swishing wash your mouth. 

Charcoal toothpaste can whiten teeth within 4 weeks of use.

7. Eat fruits and vegetables with higher water :

Eating fruits and vegetables with higher water aids in keeping your teeth healthy because water cleanses your teeth and gums from bacteria.

A diet with high fruits and vegetables is really effective for your dental health. The deficiency of vitamin C also leads to periodontitis. Vitamin C helps in the reduction of bacteria and plaque which causes teeth to become yellow.

However, toothpaste which contains papain and bromelain show significant stain removal results.


Turmeric paste can turn dirty teeth back to gem white.

Mix turmeric with 1 teaspoon of water or lemon juice then apply for 5 minutes on your teeth and rinse off thoroughly. You can also use toothpaste for your teeth after this remedy.

9.Sea Salt:

Sea salt is very effective and it can be good for teeth whitening. You can rub sea salt combined with water to whiten your teeth. You can also make a mouthwash with it. You can mix any acid such as cider vinegar which will probably brighten teeth.

Too much excessive use of vinegar or sea salt paste may damage your teeth also but you can use twice in a week for good results.


This home remedy is good for teeth whitening, which helps to brighten with ascorbic acid.  Use less amount of acid dissolved with water.

You can brush your teeth with strawberries paste as well. You can also try strawberries with baking soda because both have amazing whitening skills.

There are many factors which can cause teeth to turn yellow:

  • Fruits such as blueberries, coffee or tea
  • Diet with high sugar, simple carbohydrates
  • Smoking
  • Tobacco
  • Mouth trauma
  • Excessive fluoride
  • Poor dental care
  • Chronic dry mouth
  • Lack of saliva


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